Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mimi Dietrich to be Inducted in 2015

Marie Webster must be smiling…present day hand applique champion Mimi Dietrich has been selected as the 2015 Honoree in the Quilters Hall of Fame. For twenty-five years Mimi has taken the fear out of learning to applique. No longer dreading the “A Word”, quilters discovered they could succeed through Mimi’s teaching and her best-selling books…. Applique came roaring back just as it had boomed in the mid-1800’s, and once again, out of Baltimore. 

 — member of TQHF Selection Committee

The Quilters Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that author and quilt teacher Mimi Dietrich will be the 2015 Inductee during the annula TQHF Celebration in Marion, Indiana, July 16-18, 2015.

Honors are not new to Mimi. The International Association of Professional Quilters named Mimi their 2013 Teacher of the Year! 

Mimi has seventeen books to her name. The one that has probably touched the hearts of thousands of quilters and non-quilters alike is Pink Ribbon Quilts: A Book Because of Breast Cancer. That Patchwork Place has been the proud publisher of all of Mimi's 17 books.  Here are a few of her book covers from her website. 

Come back next month to read an in-depth interview of Mimi Dietrich, how quilting changed her life as well as the lives of those she has taught and the resurgence of the popularity of Baltimore Applique quilts.

Meanwhile, be sure to follow Mimi on her Facebook page here.

Until next month!

Karen B. Alexander
Independent Quilt Historian
Past President of The Quilters Hall of Fame

PS: Remember the public has to submit the names for the Selection Committee of The Quilters Hall of Fame to consider someone for induction into the hall of fame. They can't do it without your in put! Click here to learn more about nominating someone.

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