Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ardis and Robert James — 2011 Honorees Announced

Ardis and Robert James Selected as 2011 Honoree

photo courtesy of the International Quilt Study Center

The Quilters Hall of Fame has selected Ardis and Robert James of Chappaqua, New York to be its 2011 Honorees. 

The many years of the generous but quiet philanthropy of Ardis and Robert James has helped educate the larger public about quilts and at the same time helped sustain quilt artists, quilt history organizations, and researchers. The Jameses have helped build creditability and recognition for quilts in the largest sense of that word in both academic and art corridors. Truly, the larger international textile world has been touched by their commitment to “the quilt”, not just our nation.

The Jameses philanthropic activities eventually led to establishment of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the creation of an endowed chair (Ardis James Professorship in Textile, Clothing & Design at the university), and the formation of the world's largest and most comprehensive quilt collection held in public trust. The collection now comprises more than 3500 antique American quilts, contemporary art quilts, and international quilts dating from the 1700s to the present and representing more than 30 countries. In addition, they have provided significant annual support to both the American Quilt Study Group as well as the Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Ardis and Robert James chose to place their extensive private quilt collection in their native state at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which has long established expertise in both the science and art end of textiles.  They donated not only their quilt collection, but also significant funds to underwrite it. The newly created museum in Lincoln, Nebraska is now known as the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.  The quilt museum is located in a new building called Quilt House, for which the Jameses generously donated the leadership gift.

Due to their continued support of all aspects of this significant collection and its endowment, the collection is now made available for exhibits as well as to serious scholars and researchers from all across the world. As a result, a strong state-wide volunteer support base has been created that is a great assistance to the staff making it possible to maintain and show the collection. 

Ardis and Robert James represent a unique couple in the quilt world of talent and commitment. The Quilters Hall of Fame is pleased to extend to them the recognition they justly deserve for the contributions they have made to the international quilt world.

Karen Alexander
Past President
The Quilters Hall of Fame

DATES: 2011— Induction Events July 14-16, 2011
INDUCTION Day — Saturday, July 16, 2011 in Marion, Indiana
CONTACT: Becky Faulstich
Phone: click here


Kathie said...

congratulations! I can't think of two people who deserve this award more. Thank you for all you have and will continue to do to preserve quilt history.

Susan Shie said...

How appropriate and wonderful, to include Ardis and Bob James in this honor! Congratulations, both of you! You have done amazing work, dedicated and meaningful work, to make our quilt movement a part of Art History. Thank you for your support over the years. You are both our heroes.
And thank you to the Quilters' Hall of Fame, too, for preserving our history of outstanding people in our field.
Sincerely, Susan

Stephanie Grace Whitson said...

As a newbie quilt lover a LLLOOONNNGGGG time ago living in Lincoln, Nebraska, I was in awe of the Jameses when I first met them at an AQSG seminar. They had recently donated their collection and I had begun to volunteer with the IQSC. Every time I walk into the new museum now, I am thankful for this gracious couple. They wouldn't know me from "boo," but I will never forget meeting them and I will always be grateful for what they have done for the quilting community (and their home state in the process). The honor is well deserved.