Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baltimore Applique Society Supports TQHF

Two "Wayside Rose" quilts made by members of BAS in 2000.

The Baltimore Applique Society has provided great support for TQHF in the past. They made and donated 2 quilts in Marie’s "Wayside Roses" pattern in 2000. (See one block of "Wayside Roses" above.) One quilt was donated as an opportunity quilt and raised over $5,000 for TQHF. The other became a part of the TQHF permanent collection and is often displayed in “Marie’s Studio” in the Webster House.

In 2007 and 2008, BAS donated $1,000 to help with our expenses. BAS members also had quilts on exhibit at TQHF from March-July 2008. We are excited and very grateful to the BAS members for their past support and for undertaking this latest project for us.

Special thanks to Marylou McDonald for initiating the latest BAS one-block quilt fund-raiser project on behalf of TQHF. Be sure to browse the BAS website to see some of the work of their members. Also visit the Maryland Historical Society here, the home of many outstanding Baltimore Applique quilts.

I hope many of you will be attendance at the auction in Marion, Indiana come July and bid. If you have ever seen the quality of applique work that BAS members produce, you will know why! You will want to own one of these Triple Anniversary mementos!

PS: You can read more of my quilt research by clicking here.

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